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Fic - Jensen/Jared - The Early Bird Catches The Worm (Or Not)

Not quite buttsex ficathon


Fic - Jensen/Jared - The Early Bird Catches The Worm (Or Not)

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Met - Face of a Queen - [still]
Title: The Early Bird Catches The Worm (Or Not)
Author: benitle
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Word count: Ca. 2,600
Warnings, spoilers: Rimming, real person slash, no spoilers
Disclaimer: I am not associated with Jensen or Jared in any way. This is a piece of fiction. It never happened.
Summary: Jensen and Jared share an early morning shower.
Notes: Many thanks to mf_luder_xf for the thorough and quick beta and her encouragement. Thank you! This is for the spn_rimmathon challenge. My prompt was Jared loves to wash Jensen in the shower. Jensen loves to let him. Bonus points if there is sleepy, lazy, early morning sex that makes them both late for work. I know the fic is late for the deadline, but you can’t force the muses. Feedback is appreciated.

He leans in, nuzzling Jensen’s warm neck, mouthing at the soft skin and inhales the mixed scent of Jensen and sweat and slumber. But Jensen, in return, only tightens his grip on the sheets as though Jared is some mean guy who wants to steal them away from him.
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