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February 26th, 2007

Title: Corruption
Author: talilov 
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Warnings: Slash, rimming, drugs, tattoos, swearing.
Word Count: 3390
Prompt: Ass!tongue fic, Either Jensen or Jared gets a tattoo on his lower back, the other finds out by accident. Exploring and rimming ensues.
Notes: Beta'd by unamaga, who I would have died without. Much love to you, Mel baby.

Jared’s not surprised when Jensen tells him that he used to do some modeling back in the days before his acting career took off. )

February 25th, 2007

quick as dogs and truly dead were we*
Also Sam/Dean/Jo.
2.894 words.

This was written for the spn_rimmathon challenge. My prompt was: Sam/Dean/girl threesome (could be Jo). Drunken talking about sex and various sex acts in which Sam busts out with the dirty and shocks (and titillates) Dean. Demonstrations ensue. Have I mentioned lately that I suck at prompts?

mcee, honey. This story is for you. Because you've been sweet to me. Because I like you.

As usual, special thanks go to my betas: ggreenapple who's patient and very, very sweet, and whose writing is a constant source of inspiration for me; and oxoniensis who's not only an inspiration, but also a very giving, very generous person.

*We took ourselves to someone's bed
And there we fell together
Quick as dogs and truly dead were we
And free as running water.

I left a woman waiting, Leonard Cohen

Story here

February 18th, 2007

Title: here between your hips (this is where I wanna live)
Author: strippedpink
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating/Warnings: NC-17 | m/m slash, incest, underage (Sam’s 15), rimming.
Word Count: 3, 279
Summary/Prompt: Written for spn_rimmathon with the prompt Dean is trying to embarrass wee!Sammy by talking about sex explicitly while John is gone. But it backfires when Dean starts talking about rimming and Sam says he wonders what that feels like. Of course, Dean has to demonstrate. No plot, just tongue-in-bum. Enjoy!
Notes: See end of fic.

The grin Dean bestows on him is like fire, skimming along every square inch of Sam’s body until he’s squirming in his seat for cool relief.

January 24th, 2007

(no subject)

his brother's keeper
I just realized that I never posted a link to the community this story was written for, and I guess that I should...?

this is the wonder of devotion
[spn, sam/dean, nc-17, 1500 words]

for the spn_rimmathon, prompt: Sam/Dean rimming in or on the impala.

Halfway to Red Lodge, the sky opens up and the rain comes down in buckets...

December 17th, 2006

[Mod] Claim post

[F] clockwork man
Okay, here's the moment you've all been waiting for! Or have you?

Sorry it's late, I had one of those 'I think I'll curl up in bed and read a book' moments and woke up six hours later with my cheek mashed to the pages. Ew.

This is a reminder that all fics are due in for the 28th February. You may only claim one prompt a day, to give late arrivals a fighting chance. Also, all stories must feature rimming or 69-ing, and therefore be porn. If you can incorporate a prompt into a plot fic, feel free to do so!

Big list o' prompts.Collapse )

That's it. Comment here quoting the prompt you wish to claim, and we'll strike it off. Remember, you may claim only one prompt a day, and you cannot claim your own!

Stories should be at least 500 words.

Edit: I'm leaving on the 21st and will be gone until January 13th. While the claims post won't close, I won't be around to edit it. Instead my friendly (hah) helpers txtequilanights, impertinence and onelittlesleep will reply to your comments to let you know if your claim's been accepted or is no longer available, okay?

December 16th, 2006

[Mod] Reminder

[F] clockwork man
Hi, everybody! (Hi, crazy Nym)

Today is the last day of prompt-making, so if you've been sitting on a prompt, now's the time to send it in! If you have a prompt you especially want to claim, it's okay to use sockpuppets/minions to post it. I didn't say this, of course, that'd be encouraging you to bend the rules. *cough*

I've compiled what we've got so far, and now is the time to pimp this place out on your journals. Or give bunnies you want to write to your roommate so she can post them for you. *bad mod*

The claim post will go up at 11pm GMT, which is 3pm PST (work your own timezones out from there). All prompts *must* be in before then, and I repeat: if you post prompts, you are under no obligation to claim any, and you can post as many prompts as you like. Go! Fill my inbox up with last-minute spam! Chop chop? *g*

December 11th, 2006

[Mod] Prompt post!

[F] clockwork man
Okay, I'm so sorry about the delay. My moronic phone company cut me off, and I couldn't get to a library on time. Anyway:

This is the spn_rimmathon prompt post! Comment here with your prompts. For great justice?

Rimmathon prompts can be as specific as you like or as vague as you like [Edit: By 'vague' I mean things like 'Sam and Dean go to the store,' not broad, blanket terms like 'femmeslash' or 'wincest.' Apologies for the confusion!]. It is up to the author who picks them to slide rimming/69-ing into place. You may name names or you may not; as long as your prompt leads to porn, you should be sorted. You are under no obligation to claim a prompt if you give us one, and you can throw as many prompts as you like at us. It'd be great if you could pimp this post - the more participants the better. *g*

The prompts will go up on the 16th, where you'll be able to comment and claim one (or two) for your very own!

With that said, welcome to spn_rimmathon!

December 7th, 2006

[Mod] Introduction

[F] clockwork man
Hi there, welcome to spn_rimmathon. This is a ficathon for Supernatural/Supernatural RPS fics featuring rimming and 69ing, and if you have to ask what those are, presumably this is not the place for you. Given the nature of this ficathon, all entries will be not worksafe. That's right, there will be porn here.

spn_rimmathon will open for prompts on Sunday 10th December, and the prompt-claiming/writing period will be from the 15th December to the 28th February. We allow both het and slash, although sadly not crossovers. OFCs and OMCs are acceptable. RPF-wise, we'd prefer if you keep to the actors on the show (JDM/Jared is fine, but Jensen/Jessica Alba is not). The sole exception to this rule would be the pairing of Jared Padalecki/Sandra McCoy because I'm shamelessly biased.

That's about it for the intro. Any questions?
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