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tongues, tongues everywhere!

J2 Rimmathon Fic, NC-17

Not quite buttsex ficathon


J2 Rimmathon Fic, NC-17

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Jaredzilla <3 Smeckles
Title: Property of Jared Padalecki.
Author: _doodle
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: J2 (Jared/Jensen)
Summary: Jared and Jensen spend a day out talking to press and meeting fans. Everywhere they go, people stare at Jensen’s ass. Jared decides to express his ownership in a special, private way.
Disclaimer: Sadly, the boys are not mine. No offense intentended, but they shouldn't encourage me so ;)
AN: This was written for the spn_rimmathon (though it's a little late). Thanks to affectingly for the beta and the poking to get this finished.

Property of Jared Padalecki
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